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Director’s Message

The story of Max International School begins from a growing and prevalent concern of the parents living in Tokyo: a quality international school where young hearts could be nurtured in an environment brimming with innovation, motivation, and boundless care.

Together, we, a dynamic group of education visionaries, breathed life into MAX with a singular purpose: to cultivate a vibrant community of exceptionally talented young learners. Here at Max, we've carefully crafted our educational philosophy, drawing inspiration from extensive research and globally acclaimed best practices, all dedicated to nurturing every facet of a child's development. In our rapidly evolving 21st-century world, we hold steadfast in the belief that children are remarkable thinkers, with the potential to unlock unprecedented possibilities.

At Max, we celebrate the beautiful bond between parents and their little ones, recognizing parents as the child's first educators. We walk hand in hand with families to co-create shared goals and expectations for your child's educational voyage. Our commitment lies in bringing out the best in every family and taking immense pride in infusing innovation into early education.

Let’s embark on this wonderful journey together!
Graduates Profile
Inquisitive Learner
Creative Problem-Solver
Self-Reliant Team Player
Multi-Cultural Global Citizen
Inquisitive Learner
At MAX, we nurture inquisitiveness as a fundamental trait in our young learners. Our graduates are naturally curious, driven by a relentless thirst for knowledge and understanding. They possess a deep love for exploration and a commitment to lifelong learning, always eager to ask questions, seek answers, and embark on intellectual adventures.
Creative Problem-Solver
Our graduates are not just conventional thinkers; they are creative problem-solvers. With a wide array of skills, they are well-equipped to tackle challenges from fresh and imaginative perspectives. They can identify issues, devise innovative solutions, and adapt to an ever-evolving world with grace and inventiveness.
Self-Reliant Team Player
We instill in our students the value of self-reliance and teamwork in equal measure. Our graduates are individuals who can stand on their own, taking initiative and responsibility for their actions. Simultaneously, they are empathetic, collaborative team players who appreciate the power of collective effort. They excel in both leadership roles and as supportive members of a group.
Multi-Cultural Global Citizen
At MAX, we celebrate diversity and encourage a global perspective. Our graduates are true multi-cultural global citizens. They embrace and respect different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. They have the ability to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world, fostering international understanding and cooperation.
MAX International School offers a unique and innovative curriculum designed to provide children with a well-rounded and enriching educational experience. We break away from traditional educational norms by combining the best elements from multi-language immersion, the Reggio Emilia Approach, and project-based learning. The MAX curriculum sets the stage for students to become well-rounded, confident, and inquisitive learners, preparing them for a bright and successful future.
English Immersion & Trilingual Exposure
At MAX, we celebrate diversity and encourage a global perspective. Our graduates are true multi-cultural global citizens. They embrace and respect different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. They have the ability to navigate the complexities of our interconnected world, fostering international understanding and cooperation.
Social and Emotional Development
MAX places a strong emphasis on cultivating a culture of sharing, promoting self-awareness, and building healthy relationships among students. This focus on social and emotional development ensures that children grow not only academically but also as well-rounded individuals.
Inquiry-based Learning
The curriculum at MAX incorporates elements of the Reggio Emilia Approach and Project-based Learning. This approach encourages spontaneous learning habits and self-motivation among students, nurturing them to become active, curious learners.
Integrated Learning
MAX International Kindergarten believes in the power of interdisciplinary learning. Different subjects are integrated to create a holistic and comprehensive educational experience. This approach values a child's overall development across all academic disciplines.
Cultural Celebration
MAX havs a diverse student body with children from various cultural backgrounds. Celebrating different cultural events promotes inclusion and understanding among students. Cultural celebrations provide valuable learning opportunities to teach children about different customs, traditions, and the world's rich cultural heritage.
Social Awareness
MAX is committed to providing abundant educational opportunities for children to gain awareness about how the world works. Through engaging field trips and real-world experiences, children not only learn about social rules and realities but also develop a profound understanding of the broader society they are a part of. This approach extends learning beyond the classroom walls.
Personalized Growth
MAX recognizes and celebrates the unique talents of each child. They provide personalized education plans and feedback, tailoring the learning experience to each student's individual strengths and interests. Whether it's in reading, sports, creative activities, or expression, every child is encouraged to unleash their distinctive potential.
Lunch & Bus
The balanced lunch
MAX is proud to partner with a renowned food company in Tokyo to provide our students with a wholesome and balanced lunch. Our commitment to ensuring your child's health and vitality extends beyond the food itself. Our dedicated teachers share lunchtime with the children, fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment. Every meal served at MAX is designed with your child's well-being in mind, offering them the fuel they need for a day filled with exploration.
Reliable school bus service
We understand the importance of convenience and safety for our students and their families. That's why we are pleased to offer a dedicated school bus service, extending our commitment to all children above the age of 2. In the morning, MAX school bus will promptly pick up your little ones from a designated station near your home, ensuring a smooth and stress-free start to the day. In the afternoon, our reliable school bus service will return your children to the same station.
Parents Involvement
lifelong learning partner
We strive to work in partnership with parents towards the establishment of strong home/school partnership to best support children’s learning and development. We aim to transform the role of parents from “anxious service buyer” to “lifelong learning partner”.
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Parent Effectiveness Workshop
In Max, parents are invited to join the ”Parent Effectiveness Workshop” where they will learn necessary skills of “high quality companion”, “Gamification of Education”, and “Parent-child Relationship” from professional early education coaches.
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Coffee Nights
Open Houses are provided twice a year, as well as twice annual “Coffee Nights” which allow parents and teachers to engage in professional development discussions related to early childhood education. Various special events such as Halloween and Christmas are also times when families can meet one another and interact with their children at school. In providing these forums, we strive to create a strong community.
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