Welcome to the Kindergarten Class at MAX, where the world of learning takes on an even more remarkable dimension. At this stage, children become avid learners, eagerly absorbing logical knowledge, and expressing themselves with newfound strength. Their growing capacity to persuade, argue, instruct, and even invent their own experiments to achieve their goals is truly inspiring. Educators play a pivotal role in guiding their extended concentration toward sharpening decision-making skills, fostering collaborative teamwork, and instilling empathy for others. When nurtured properly, the knowledge span and analytical skills of these young minds expand at an astonishing pace.

In our Kindergarten classes, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and intellectual growth, participating in a knowledge-rich, inquisitive, and interdisciplinary curriculum. Each day, children engage in structured phonics classes, enhancing their language skills. Additionally, they are immersed in a plethora of hands-on activities related to the theme of study, providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience. Our daily schedule often includes delightful trips to the park or indoor playground, fostering physical activity and play.

Beyond the classroom, each term, when there are no school events, children have the exciting opportunity to embark on excursions and field trips that align with their current theme of study. These adventures take them to places like museums, zoos, aquariums, farms, and parks, enriching their understanding of the world around them.

Essential Information
Age:3-6 years old (by March. 31, 2023)
Students attend from: 9:00am until 3:00pm
Day care is provided from:3:00pm - 5:00pm
Optional Extended Care: 8:00am - 9:00am / 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Kindergarten Curriculum
Students across our Kinder classes learn to challenge themselves in a knowledge-rich, inquisitive, and inter-disciplinary curriculum. Children have structured phonics classes every day in addition to a lot of hands-on activities related to the theme of study. A trip to the park or an indoor playground is part of daily schedule.
Emotional and Social Skills
We help students to solve problems in appropriate ways, make positive choices, make friendships, express and manage emotions, and show empathy towards others
Phonological Awareness
Letter-sound correspondence; Recognize and produce rhyming words
Phonics and Word Recognition
Read common sight words; CVC words (conso- nant-vowel-consonant)
Reading Fluency
Read emergent-reader texts with purpose and understanding
Writing Readiness
By graduation, children learn basic sentence structure and punc- tuation; plurals; use question words such as‘who’,‘what’,‘when’, and‘where’to write opinions and descriptive paragraphs.
Math Skills
As part of our interconnected thematic units
Early Science / Geography / Nature Studies
As part of our interconnected the-matic units, children learn about living & non-living things, light and optics, parts of a plant, magnets, the solar system, animal habitats, land formations, movement of Earth and the moon, day and night, and many more.
Art & Craft
to express our unique minds and talents
Movement and Dance
We have many fun dance routines specifically designed for classroom use
Music Appreciation
Songs and introduction to various instruments
Show & Tell
Students develop the confidence at an early stage to speak in front of a group of people
Physical Education
We make use of nearby parks and indoor playgrounds
Field Trips and Excursions
During each term, in the absence of a school event, children will be taken on an excursion or field trip to a location relevant to their current theme. Mu- seums, zoos, aquariums, farms, fruit picking, parks, and more.
Typical Daily Schedule at Our Nursery(K1-K3)
9: 00-9:15
9: 15-9:30
Learning Centers
9: 30-10:00
Circle Time
Daily calendar, Weather chart, Classroom helpers
Morning Discussion
Tasks ahead and daily schedule
Theme Study
10: 45-11:00
Snack Time
11: 00-12:00
Outdoor Play
12: 00-12:45
Lunch followed by independent reading
12: 45-13:30
Specials( Art, Music, PE, Show Tell)
13: 30-14:15
14: 15-14:45
Learning Centers
14: 45-15:00
Story Time/ Circle Time Dismissal
15: 00-17:00
Day Care-song dance story time/ art craft
Afterschool class-Mandarin Chinese, gym, ballet, art, etc.
MAX International School, 2-14-2 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo
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